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orange is the new black

Donald Trump America’s 45th President

Usually we do not discuss politics here but this time we will make an exception. America keeps amazing me. Every time they have to choose a president they never go…

Wiseguy Portfolio

It’s been a while since we’ve seen so much green!

And this time it doesn’t mean you Chris! Do we believe the badluck period for techstocks has ended ?


Virtual Reality in 3D (and no printers this time)

The company that brings virtual reality to your home is Oculus. The Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, which are both 3D headsets that can be used as virtual reality…

the-wiseguy Wallpaper

Hft regulation is always running behind.

I found a nice piece on forbes tonight. It shows how rulemakers are Always running behind on the markets. The eu has passed a new law trying to controle the…


Why do you buy so many marijuana companies?

HEMP, GROWLIFE, MEDICAL MJ, GW PHARMA What’s up with that? Overall sentiment on marijuana is relaxing. Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states in the USA and many countries all…

This month: Nasdaq vs Dow Jones

It’s been a rough month for the nasdaq. So far the DJ stood it’s ground.

What is wrong with the world? Porto update 27-03

What can I say? This is not my week. Biopharma and especially my weed stock have taken a big hit and it looks like we are not finished yet. I…