Update: Nektar Therapeutics Inc

Update 03-03-2014:

At this moment the DOW is down -1,2% and the DAX closed -3,44% but Nektar is up 8% :-) I cann’t really tell why because I cann’t find any recent news. NKTR is up 8% today while most indexes are down 1 to 4 percent. Can you imagine what would have happened if it was a positive day for them as wel.



Original post Feb 27th 2014:

Today I bought Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) for $12,50. I have been hunting for them for two months now. Last month I had a buyorder at $11,50 but since then it rose to almost $14. So when that last order expired I raised it to $12,50 this month. They have a very promising pipeline with a few (end)phase 2 and 3 products. I hope one of them will pay off before the summer.

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