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Today’s changes in my portfolio

Mazor robotics IN – I hope that they have established some support at around $17. It is to soon to really tell because it is just on the (US) market…

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Bioadaptive what? Oh well, it’s free and I’m still dutch ;-)

Introducing a new company. BioAdaptives Inc. I really don’t know anything about it but it seems I got some of this stock for free. For free? Yes, really for free….

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Hft regulation is always running behind.

I found a nice piece on forbes tonight. It shows how rulemakers are Always running behind on the markets. The eu has passed a new law trying to controle the…


Who doesn’t like round figures ? SSYS

I do. This will be a nice buy at exactly $100. Probably not for the short term but I’m sure it is a nice one to have next year by…


Trading in Datawatch (DWCH) Halted why?

Datwtatch DWCH – Trading in Datawatch is halted. They published Q1 results and we are not happy read them here! So far they are down 30% and halted untill further…


Why do you buy so many marijuana companies?

HEMP, GROWLIFE, MEDICAL MJ, GW PHARMA What’s up with that? Overall sentiment on marijuana is relaxing. Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states in the USA and many countries all…

Wiseguy Portfolio

A good start is half the battle

Last week was kind of a negative week for my stock but this week we’ve gotten off to a terible start. Although I expected a little trouble it is not…