Virtual Reality in 3D (and no printers this time)

The company that brings virtual reality to your home is Oculus.

The Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, which are both 3D headsets that can be used as virtual reality devices too. Aside from the gaming potential here, because these devices have two screens that feed in to each of your eyes, they can produce an impressive 3D effect. They might be a bit weird to wear, and take some getting used to, but they certainly have amazing potential for a really vivid 3D experience. 3D TV with special glasses never really worked but what if the tv was in the glasses? Perhaps one-day 3D will be replaced by something much better – holographic movies for instance. For now though, it looks set to be around for a while yet. And this is the best solution so far. You can visit the company website by clicking hereOculus_rift-in-photoOculus_rift-photo


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