Is there any more room in the 3D printer market?

DDD was down 7% earlier today, SSYS lost 5%. I hope the 3D market will pickup soon or it will be a bumpy ride. I might shorten my position soon. Today HP announced that it’s also going to sell (and produce) 3D printers. That will be some serious competition.

Data from mw: Shares of 3-D printer makers slipped Thursday after Hewlett-Packard sent a strong signal that it would be entering that market.

H-P HPQ +0.05%  Chief Executive Meg Whitman said at the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday that the tech giant is planning to enter the 3-D printer market in June. Shares of H-P rallied earlier in the session, but the stock shed 0.4% to close at $31.48.



Data from wsj

The filing from this Mondayevening showed that CEO Abraham Reichental sold 66,700 shares on March 14 at $60.11 per share, for a total of $4.009 million. His direct ownership remains 1,545,112 shares.

Andrew Johnson, who is the general counsel, also sold 1,500 shares at $60.86 for $91,290 on March 14. His number of shares owned was 101,150.

Filings from last week also show even more insider selling elsewhere.

Walter Loewenbaum, a director, sold only 450 shares on March 13, and he is shown to have 1,025,885 direct shares. Prior to that, a sale was listed on approximately March 5 — 75,000 shares were registered for sale under a form 144 for restricted stock.

Cathy Lewis, vice president, sold 6,000 shares for $375,180, and she still has some 73,500 shares directly owned.

Another Loewenbaum family trust registered 50,000 shares for sale, also on a Form 144 for restricted stock. That gives 90 days to sell the shares.

What’s my opinion? Insider selling is not always a sign of anything bad. Espesially in these numbers. Still, when it comes to 3D printing and other sectors that might have gone cold, investors should always at least pay attention to any corporate governance and insider selling news. The last 3 sessions 3D is up again but we need to keep a close watch out for this stock. I’d say “HOLD” (that’s easy ‘cause I already got them 🙂

And now it is:[stock-tools exchange=”NASDAQ” symbol=”DDD” image_height=”100″ image_width=”150″]

unchanged today

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