A tricky buy order for Netflix this month !

Netflix (NFLX) might be a nice opportunity to buy. This decision is purely based on TA I don’t know anything about the fundamentals. It is a tricky one because it broke through his support(trend)line last friday. I’m curious about how it will open on monday.  But I think even BillBull will agree with me on this one that Netflix is a strong grower for the past years. But has also fallen quit a bit at times. Bur every time it jumped higher than before in the following months. A sudden drop in price like this will signal more orders I think. It’s not a short term winner but I believe that in 1 year Netflix will be above $500 And than the way up is open  🙂

Netflix 06-04-14


And now it is:[stock-tools exchange=”NASDAQ” symbol=”NFLX” image_height=”100″ image_width=”150″]

Over the Wiseguy

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