ZOOM increased by 540% in 1 year. What is next?

Right now, Zoom Video Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) share price is at $411.71, after a 1.40% gain. Moreover, over the past month, the stock decreased by 3.70%, but in the past year, increased by 519.48%. Shareholders might be interested in knowing whether the stock is overvalued, even if the company is performing up to par in the current…

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Tesla tanks 8,5%

It is a good thing we sold our Tesla stock. Because today they endured their biggest fall since September 2020. Shares of Tesla closed down 8.55% on Monday, as investors betting on a pandemic comeback rotated out Big Tech and piled into cyclical stocks says CNBC. It’s Tesla’s biggest drop since Sept….

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Weekly Traffic light and ETF update

twise etf

Update October 18th: – The “Traffic light“ has changed to 85% Stock and 15% Cash. And we decided to add Ocado Group from our *** List of wiseguys. We have designed our traffic light to take out our human emotion in our stocktrading. Personally I think it was not the…

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