Who is the Wiseguy?

This is a small introduction into the Wiseguy. His life, love and lucrative deals (I hope). It might not look like much now but in time this will build up to be my personal history.

Welcome! I’m a modular construction specialist (marquee builder) by day, and an investor by night. I live in the Netherlands and have a really cool dog named “(Fagga)Bundo” Also I’m a real Taurus, whatever I do I go it for the full 110%. (not that I believe in starsigns)

So much for that. Now let’s start with a short history lesson:
(Remeber this they’ll be teaching this in highschools later)

I started my first company when I was still in College in 1996. Oh-kay verhuur started with a few partytents, 3 pagodas and 1 aluminum pavilion tent (100 m2). You might want to check out our website now “Maatwerk op locatie” We currently stock about 25.000 m2 and it is still growing, faster and faster.

As all things in live. We have ups and downs:

my first experience with the stockmarket was in 1998. One of my close friends was trading in options. That was the time with tv on “teletekst” and always on the phone with his banker. I was a student And didn’t have any money. I entered a few investment competitions and once made 3 mln. in 6 weeks. To bad it was a paper trading account. I finished third in that competition. Than there was a pauze for about 10 years and I started again in 2008. Just before the last financial crisis hit 🙁

There went my savings. Up in smoke. Fortunatly I didn’t loose everything and I could still make some trades. But I really had to start from scratch with only €500

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