Horse vs Car

“Horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.” — The Wiseguy
Horse vs Aito add

There is no question that electric cars are better than gas powered cars. That does not mean it is accepted without opposition. See the add above for the comparison of a horse to an automobile. Every few years there are new ways of transportation being invented. And every time it is met with great opposition. I just recently listened to the Joe Rogan podcast with Elon Musk whetre he explained the opposition about wearing seatbelts in cars. The major carcompanies fought the introduction of seatbelts for years. Because it was new and potentionally bad for bussiness. The same goes fot electrivc vehicles against internal combustion engines. Don’t het me wrong I love gas powered cars. I drive a Landrover Defender and will probably keep driving it untill I cannot anymore. It’s nostalgic. But that does not mean I do not see the benefits of electric vehicles. Compared to a modren day Tesla my Defender is a really dumb car. Before people complained about cars, smog, congestion and the loss of public space, they railed against stinking, fly-ridden horse crap. In fact, the rise and fall of the horse makes very clear the difficult and troubling character of energy transitions. The horse, one of the most remarkable prime movers on the planet, pretty much ruled 19th century urban life and rural culture in both Europe and North America.

I love my defender but there comes a time when I have to give it up. People will always try to hold on to what they got but. The real point is that people in general tend to become more environmentally aware. And electric cars will eventually be taken over by Super Duty 4×4’s powered by enormous diesel engines. They are also more likely to demand their local utility company incorporate more renewable energy in their energy mix. The result is that electric cars are pushing the transition to a more sustainable energy grid forward.

How many HP for a Ferrari?

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