Nektar reports: “Positive Data from Phase 2 Trial “

As I have said in my earlier posts. I really like this company for its pipeline. Within the next 2 years I expect them to have started multiple Phase 3 studies. This is just the beginning. Let’s hope their PR machine works (I’ll help them a bit) 🙂
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Positive Data from Phase 2 Trial of NKTR-102 in Patients with Avastin®-Refractory High-Grade Glioma Presented at 50th ASCO Meeting

Single agent NKTR-102 exceeds primary endpoint with fifty-five percent of patients achieving six-week progression-free survival and fifteen percent of patients achieving partial response

SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nektar Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NKTR) announced today new data from an investigator-sponsored Phase 2 study of NKTR-102 (etirinotecan pegol) in patients with Avastin-refractory high-grade glioma conducted at Stanford Cancer Institute under the direction of Lawrence Recht, M.D., Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery, with co-investigator Seema Nagpal, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Stanford School of Medicine.

You can read the news item by clicking here.
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