Now that’s an unexpected twist! Nouriel says what?

What do you do when even Nouriel Roubini — a.k.a. ‘Dr. Doom’ — is getting optimistic. We run for cover.

This morning I read an article about it and just now I saw some video’s. So I had to share it here. After last weeks masacre I was already thinking of shorting some stock but now I’m sure. It won’t happen right away but people are getting to optimistic about the shot term future. In his latest 2014 outlook Roubini got some quick hits on specific regions:

•The euro zone: Fewer doomsday risks are in the cards, but slow growth remains, as do high unemployment and high public debt.
•Japan: Abenomics has been positive so far, but the jury is still out about on whether structural reforms will work.
•The U.S.: Growth is picking up on the back of shale energy, housing and labor-market growth. But an ineffective Congress and an opaque Federal Reserve could still hold back growth.
•Emerging markets: Faster growth on the tail of improving advanced economies, but many countries (see: Indonesia, India, Brazil and others) will still face the risk of “external shocks.”
•China “will avoid a hard landing in 2014,” but policy reforms laid out last year will meet with resistance.
Watch the video here as it was posted on Bloomberg.

With that news in mind I started building a SHORT position in Air-France/KLM and I have’ve got some buyorders out for Sprinters and Turbo’s SHORT on the AEX and DowJones index. If the rise about another 2 percent they will fall through.

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