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“Our stock trading terminology explained”

The wikipedia for Technical Analysis or the webster dictionary for serious long-term investors as we call it. Here you can find the meaning of the terms we use on this website. We will not give you stocktrading lessons, there are other websites for that, but everything you need to know about what is being discussed in our posts is explained here. From simple questions like: “What is a bar-chart?” to more advanced techniques like: “How the MACD indicator works?“. You will find the answer here and we will explain it in a short simple sentence.

The reason for this website is to educate people. Also we do not want to keep the knowledge of what we have learned (in the past 30+ years) for ourselfs. Everybody could benefit from it. And we got some questions about our terminology. We realized that sometimes the text can be complicated because the subject is. Nobody knows how our technical analysis, strategy and our stocktrading in general, works in the same way we do. Here we will clarify it for you in one easy definition with a more advanced explanation afterwards.

These pages are always under construction (a work in progress). We will start with a few hundred articles and slowly extend it more and more. Going forward we will explain in simple words what the terminology means. If you have any more questions just ask us. You can fill out the contact form (here) and we will explain it to you.

Below you find a selection from A to Z.

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