Santa Rally For Our Stock

The stock in our portfolio gained 7% this week (That is $68.000). This week it was a short, three and a half day, week. We had a nice, and well deserved, return. We have worked pretty hard for it this year but in the end it has paid off. That…

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Traffic Light And ETF Update

A short summary this week. 7 months have past. Today it is the 14th of December 2020. Compared to last week the “Traffic light“ is still at 91. So that means that in our ETF portfolio we have to hold 9% in cash and have 91% invested in stock. It’s…

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Traffic Light and TWISE ETF

getty stock market chart

Update November 22nd: “Traffic light“ changed to 94% Stock and 6% Cash. – We made a profit of 3% last week so in order to keep up with the 94% stock we had to buy some more stock. We bought Veeva Systems Inc. (VEEV) – @ $274,50. Beautifull timing. For…

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Shares we bought last week

Stocks you really need

I forgot to post these buy orders last week. But beter late than never. This is not for the etf or model porto. I bought some stock for a different portfolio. More info can be found in the list of Wiseguys. Date Buy/Sell Name Price (incl. costs) 5-11-2020 Buy  AMD…

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