We have started a new operation. It is called: “TWISE-ETF” (The What If Stock Experiment). It is a working title. We started in June 2020 with $1,300,00 and our goal is at least 40% profit in one year. To explain it in simple words: ETF is following our “Strategy” trading only on our selected “Wiseguys” and conforming to our “Traffic light” for when to buy and when to sell.

The most important criteria is that we follow the traffic light to decide exactly what percentage of our portfolio we have to sell/buy to minimize our risk on downfalls and gain a maximum potential when we can. There is a lot of talk about an upcomming recession so we have build in a safety protection (the light),. The traffic light is our representation of the general economy. We look at the indicators and they provides us with a number (for the full explanation see the traffic light page). That number tells us what percentage we are allowed to invest in stock. When the economy is doing well we have a green light and invest 100%, when the traffic light turns red we sell our stock and wait for better times. This way we will not get the maximum result but we will protect our assets in case things go wrong. Thus protecting our money.

We (re)started this website in 2020 and after a few growing pains we ran at full strenght. It was a full out Bull market as we were recovering from the coronavirus lockdowns. Last year we have done great and our model portfolio has reached the 40% target. We claim to bring you at least a 40% annual profit every year. So we needed to check if all our good intentions explained in our strategy and arising therefrom our stockpicks in the list of wiseguys should actually result in a profitable fund. That is our very own ETF.

Off course Bill-Bull and I have our own portfolios and you can see the performance on our website. But the problem with that is that our private portfolios are made up out of shares we have owned for much longer. We started this website in June 2020. And we should actually have a portfolio that starts at the same time. So we are going to run a portfolio on yahoo finance that does just that. It meets all the requirements we set for our wiseguys stock and buy and sell orders we post on our website.

At the start of this ETF the traffic light condition was “Green” with 79% Stock and 21% Cash. That resulted in $1,050,000 in stock and $250,000 in cash.

Initial value = $1,300,00.00

Our current value is $1,900,577.47

42.76 % return on our investment this year (with traffic light safety protection)

127.33% on the stock we hold

Our Portfolio performance this year

TWISE ETF – Overview

Some of our members suggested to make a yahoo finance portfolio for refference. And as always we go out of our way to listen to them 😉 Below you can find our portfolio displayed in a Yahoo finance portfolio. (click for enlargment)

Our portfolio displayed in yahoo finance – TWISE ETF
TWISE ETF – Holdings 1
TWISE ETF – Holdings 2

Coutresy of Yahoo Finance for the model portfolio

* portfolio history below

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Please keep in mind that provides high-quality information. However detailed and excellent it might be. It is not financial advice!!!

Our lawyer would say: tries to help you form an opinion on buying or selling a certain security. We will never tell you to do so. Also we may already hold a position in a certain stock or may never buy it at all. Our information does not take in account your investment objectives, particular needs or financial situation. Therefor we are not responsible for any gains or losses you may experience. Any security mentioned should be examined with ones own due diligence. Always consult a licensed and trustworthy profesional before making a financial decision.

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