Update: December 31st 2014

What can I say? What goes up must come down and that’s what happened. My shifting of funds seemed to pay off but I spoke to soon. It’s a little late now to sell in May (Cliché: 762) but it might turn out to be true this year. I have made a terrible mistake with some call options (May14-$260) on Tesla right before the Q1 earnings and lost quite a bit on that one. You can see the drop on may the 8th (on my freaking b-day). It cost me 4% of porto return within 24 hours 🙁 In dutch we call it learning money (leergeld). I have learned an important message and that is to do my own homework and not judge a whole company over 1 persons opinion. I’m getting way to busy with my real work to keep a close eye on everything so I think it is time to decrease some positions. Cash is king atm (Cliché: 429) All in all the last two weeks were shit. Russia still keeps us busy, biotech is still getting hit (except GWP) and we have european elections this year. In the end…Nothing else matters. But we had great fun.

Over the Wiseguy

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