Why do you buy so many marijuana companies?


Overall sentiment on marijuana is relaxing. Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states in the USA and many countries all over the world. Legislation for medical uses is in the works for 13 others states. And everytime it is big in the news.

It has become a $1.5 billion a year industry in the USA, I cann’t find any figures about europe, the expectation is for it to triple within a few years. Colorado and Washington are essentially test cases for the Federal Government, and they are passing with flying colors.

A little over a year after Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana, more than half the states, including some in the very conservative south, are considering decriminalizing the drug or legalizing it for medical or recreational use.  And that’s what I hope for.

Most of my hemp related stock are just for the newsvalue. If you do some research into the companies you will see that they have only 1 or 2 employees and their turnover is less than $100.00 a year. But everytime weed is in the news they jump 25% 🙂

This is not the case for GW Pharma. This UK based cmpany is really producing medicine. In some highly kept secret locations they have farms and laboratories fully opperational. Check out this video on the BBC! It is just a matter of when and in how many countries their medicine : “Sativex” will be approved. Right now they have applications running in several countries. Personally I think GWPH is the only real medical marijuana company of these three. I cann’t predict the future but I can get ready for it.

And now it is: [stock-tools exchange=”NASDAQ” symbol=”GWPH” image_height=”90″ image_width=”150″] My birthday is [dday=2]

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