We bought Zynex. It is not in our ***List of wiseguys anymore but a special mentioning goes out to this (former) wiseguy on our website. Normally we do not do this but both Bill-Bull and I bought Zynex last week because we believe that it will still go up. Please see step number 6 on our strategy page. Where we explain that sometimes you have to bend the rules a little to get what you want. It worked out really well for Shopify and Zoom. We bought both of them when they did noy yet meet our 5 year criterium. And now we think that Zynex will also be a winner. We bought some shares at $14,40

Special courtesy goes out to Wivado for the chart 🙂

Over the Wiseguy

Stock trader, Owner and Administrator of "the-wiseguy.com". . . "TA is like surfing. You don't have to know a lot about het physics of tides to catch a good wave. You just have to be able to sense when it's happening and have the drive to act at the right time"

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