The List Of Wiseguys

This list is the backbone of our strategy. Some call it a watchlist, we call them the Wiseguys. They qualify for our watchlist by reaching the 40%/5y target. That means they have to rise at leats 40% per year for a minimum of 5 consecutive years. Only then they deserve te name: “Wiseguys” on this website. And only then we trade in them at carefully choosen moments. These stocks or, more specifically, the shares of these stock companies are made. .

(A Made man also known as . . a Wiseguy . . or Uomo D’onore (Italian), is someone who has been officially inducted, usually as a soldier into a Sicilian or American Mafia family find out more about the term wiseguy here).

We hope to make you understand how you can also have a return of at least 40% a year by trading Wiseguys. For the exact timing of when to buy or when to sell you have to follow our website. But members can also get a notification when they are placed. All our past orders can be found in the archive. If you like what we are doing send us a message or support us by buying us a coffee via this link.  

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Every few days we highlight one of our Wiseguys and give you an update on our opinion. The wiseguy that has our attention now is:

  • MSCI Inc
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    MSCI Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides investment decision support tools for the clients to manage their investment processes worldwide. The company operates through four segments: Index, Analytics, ESG, and Real Estate. The Index segment primarily provides equity indexes for use in various areas of the investment process, including index-linked product creation and performance benchmarking, as well as portfolio construction and rebalancing, broker-dealer structured products, and asset allocation. The Analytics segment offers risk management,


Every day we scan literally tens of thousands of stock in hundreds of markets and exchanges. (Wanna know a secret? We do not really scan them ourselves but we use computer programs to do it for us). Also we add some more criteria like minimum marketcap, price and orderbook. After that, only few stocks qualify. And those few are changing quite often, so stay tuned by visiting this list regularly !!!

Below is a selection of our most recent updates:

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