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In short: The Best Mobile Brokers are trading platforms used in an app on a mobile phone. The winners are TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers (Lynx) (in June 2020 at least).

Lest distinguish between the United States and The Netherlands.

United States:

We recognize that we all are living through a particularly volatile time as we deal with this global crisis, and financial markets have also seen unprecedented change, impacting all investors. Our mission has always been to help people make the most informed decisions about how, when and where to invest. Given recent market volatility, and the changes in the online brokerage industry, we are more committed than ever to providing our readers with unbiased and expert reviews of the top stock trading apps for investors of all levels, for every kind of market.

Over the last few years, online brokers have increasingly adopted the mantra, “mobile-first.” As more investors and traders use tablets or smartphones as their primary platform, online brokers have made efforts to improve their mobile apps, which in turn attract more mobile users. The best online investing apps offer a consistent experience between desktop and mobile platforms, including sharing watch lists and alerts as well as tools such as stock screeners and depositing checks into your account.

Best Stock Trading Apps for June 2020:

  • TD Ameritrade: Best Stock Trading App
  • TD Ameritrade: Best App for Beginners
  • Interactive Brokers: Best App for Active Traders
  • tastyworks: Best App for Options Traders

From: Investopedia “Best stocktrading apps”


To find the best international online brokers in the Netherlands, we went ahead and did the research for you. After testing, analyzing and comparing 63 brokers, 5 made it to the top. We highly recommend all 5 to you. And now, without further ado…

The top 5 picks for the best international online brokers of 2020 (for citizens in the Netherlands):

  1. Interactive Brokers (Lynx) is the number one international online broker in 2020. Wide range of products. Many great research tools. Regulated by several authorities.
  2. Saxo Bank (Binck) is your runner-up. Great trading platform. Outstanding research. Broad product portfolio.
  3. Tradestation (TWS) rounds out the top three. Great web and mobile trading platform. Low stock and ETF fees. High-quality educational tools.
  4. Tastyworks, numero quatro. Low trading fees. Great educational materials. Good research tools.
  5. Swissquote. Access to many markets and products. No inactivity fee. Rock-solid background. Just made it to the list at number five.

From:” best online brokers NL”

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