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twise etf

Updaet 4th of July 2020. We have important news!! Because of the continuous updates and enormous succes of the ETF we have moved from a blog post to our own web page. From now on you can find all updates on : What if had an ETF? We…

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Order overview

my future portfolio

This is our wishlist for the next month or maybe a bit longer. I made it June 22nd 2020. But most orders are recurring orders from last month that were about to expire. I just had to change the price limit according to the TA graphs now. With a little…

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This weeks orders (June 14th 2020)

These are the confirmed orders for the stock that we bought or sold this week. Only 2 orders got executed this week. You can find the explaination below. Order overview Fund Price Limit SELL BioNTech SE -ADR- $47,3601 $47,00 BUY Xebec Adsorption Inc CAD 3,65 CAD 3,65 Biontech was a…

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Waarde-belegging ? / Value-investing ?

Wat is fundamenteel beleggen en wat is waarde-beleggen? (What is value-investing? – English translation below) Vandaag kregen wij een interessant stuk te lezen. Het is de kwartaalbrief van Pure Value Captital de zij naar hun deelnemers sturen om ze op de hoogte te houden van wat er met hun geld…

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Update: June 1th 2020

What a wild ride it has been. As predicted by most economists, it appears that the additional funds freed to deal with the effects of the corona crisis have made their way into the equity markets. Almost all markets are back to where they were before the crisis and I…

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Average Yearly Return

In short: The Average Yearly Return is the midpoint of several returns on investment added up and divided by the number of years; the average. The average annual return  is used by investors to measure the performance of investments over a period of time. It is a percentage which is used…

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Fair Value

In short: The Fair Value is the actual value of an asset. the value of the company divided by the number of shares. The fair value or intrinsic value of an asset, in this case, can be anything – a stock, a property, a product. The value is agreed upon…

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TA (Technical Analysis)

In short: Technical Analysis is trying to predict the direction of prices through the study of market data via graphics. Primarly price and volume. Behavioral economics and quantitative analysis use many of the same tools of technical analysis, which, being an aspect of active management, stands in contradiction to much of modern portfolio theory. The efficacy…

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