Stock trader, Owner and Administrator of "". . . "TA is like surfing. You don't have to know a lot about het physics of tides to catch a good wave. You just have to be able to sense when it's happening and have the drive to act at the right time"

We bought ITM Power

Today we bought ITM Power PLC (ITM.L ISIN=GB00B0130H42) @  £ 2,35 Slowly but gradually we are buying small portions of stock. Most companies on The List of wisguys have not reached our buying levels yet. So we are not making any big investments. Te state of the economy has us…

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Why do we focus on TA

We focus on Technical analysis only. Want to know why?

There are 3 primary things that influence a stock price:

The sector accounts for 50% of the move. 
The market, 30%. 
So company fundamentals is only responsible for 20%. I will explain more in this blogpost…

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HFT – High Frequency Trading (is helping)

Gone are the dealers on NASDAQ and the specialists at the NYSE. Instead, a company’s stock can now be traded on up to sixty competing venues where a computer matches incoming orders. A majority of quotes are now posted by high-frequency traders (HFTs), making them the dominant source of liquidity in the market.

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Insider Trading Opportunity

Some of our readers got an advanced warning on The List of wiseguys. Sssssst, Let me tell you a secret. We don’t favor anyone, but those who offered us a cup of coffee often have a speed advantage. Because the moment we drank the coffee we had some small talk…

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Money creation can not go on forever

We believe that the next crisis will be caused by extensive money creation by central banks. Since interest rates are so low that putting money in the bank costs you money. All this new extra money flows towards the stock markets and especially derrivates. Because of that they are all…

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For the Bitcoin traders

Update: August 3rd – As predicted the Bitcoin price bounced at $11.200 Now lets wait for the lift-off. As BillBull woud say: ” 3..,2..,1.., ignition…” Bitcoin traders have seen prices of over $19,000 and as low as $ 4,000O in the span of one year. After that it has stayed…

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We bought Powercell (PCEL.ST)

We have Powercell on our list of wiseguys (see: the list) for some time now and this week the stockprice has dropped to a support level. That is why we have decided to make a long term investment and bought shares of Powercell. So far we have made some nice…

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