Donald Trump America’s 45th President

Usually we do not discuss politics here but this time we will make an exception. America keeps amazing me. Every time they have to choose a president they never go for the save choice, that inspires me. After they had choosen the first black president in history, who performed exceptionally well in my opinion, I had expected that they would have choosen for the first female president in history. But that was probably to save. Because Clintin had been in the white house before and that probably would not have changed anything. Donald Trump was elected president today, as he pulled off a stunning upset by riding a wave of disaffection among working class white voters and resentment at political, social and media elites.

His victory — defying almost all predictions of Beltway pundits, pollsters and election watchers — came as he exceeded expectations in major Democratic states. His election has enormous implications for the direction of the country, particularly since it is expected that he will take office with Republican majorities in the Senate and the House.

Clinton’s election would have made history as the first woman president, but Trump also will come to office with a number of records. At 70, he is the oldest person elected to a first term. Ronald Reagan was 69 when he was elected in 1980. Trump is the first person elected to the White House with no government or military experience. He is the first New Yorker elected to office since Franklin Roosevelt.

And of course, he is the first reality show star elected to office, as his years spent on NBC’s “The Apprentice” are widely credited with establishing his image as a shrewd, no-nonsense businessman, even if the avalanche of stories about his business background painted a far different picture. Those “firsts,” however, are merely footnotes to what Trump’s campaign represented: a rebellion against insiders, whether they be in Washington, the media, Wall Street or Hollywood. He capitalized on issues that were simmering among the ranks of the working class: the loss of jobs to China, Mexico and other countries, globalization that seemed to only speed up with the help of massive trade pacts; immigration that had changed the ethnic makeup of not just cities but many rural areas, leading to the impression that uncontrolled flows of migrants across the border were costing valuable jobs; and the continued role of the United States in the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, where the situations show little sign of improvement after trillions of dollars spent.

Trump capitalized on those issues — trade, immigration, foreign entanglements — from the start. Even if he didn’t at times offer coherent solutions, or he offered all-too simplistic ones, his ability to draw attention through a mixture of insults and schtick allowed him to dominate media time and vault to the top of the Republican pack. So by making this choice they are sure to stir up the place. A fresh new face as president shall make a big difference for this country. Altough even Trump shall have to conform to the political lines of the country. He can make some unexpected decisions that will bring them a completly new perspective on things. We wish them luck

Because the news is just out we do not have much material to work with. I have found this clip from after the presidential debate. The Dutch lucky tv’s Sander made this funny filmclip:

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