Galapagos update 544 ;-)

We at love bio-tech. Why because they are fast growers and the potential is huge. So almost half of our wiseguys (the 50%/5y). For the record the Wiseguys are the stock that grows at least 50% for at least 5 years). Back to bio-tech. These companies burn a lot of cash because they have to do research into new medicines and when one of their drugs are approved and go to market usually thes small companies are being bought by much bigger firms and the rewards are enormous. But as is the risk. When they do not make it there goes your money and more often than not this happens to them. Usually they can stretch the bankruptcy by bringing a lot of good PR and giving out more shares. But in the end they will not make it. So it is a risk-reward game. But not with Galapagos. They already have a proven concept and they have already sold a big piece of their company (to Gilead). But they made them promis to leave them alone for at least 10 years. So here you have a company with a nice drug pipeline that is out of money troubles. Today one of our favorites had some good news. And the shares behaved accordingly meaning the went up, up, up. I’m talking about Galapagos (GLPG). The news is that because of the coronacrisis they had a lower cashburn about 5 to 10% less and they are going to bring a lot of news tis year. This quarter they are expecting the results of their phase 3 study (final study into Filgotinib) and they expect their medicine to be aproved this year.

You can read all the press releases here

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Galapagos may 15th 2020
Galapagos GLPG Chart 5y - may 15th 2020

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  1. GLGP went up more than 30% in the last 5 consecutive years.
    Do you think this can go any further?

    • It all depends on the FDA. If and when they approve it will blow up even more. But if they do not I think it will drop down to almost 0 (zero). They do not have a very promising pipeline. I would sell if I were you and buy back after the FDA decision

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