Shares we bought last week

Stocks you really need

I forgot to post these buy orders last week. But beter late than never. This is not for the etf or model porto. I bought some stock for a different portfolio. More info can be found in the list of Wiseguys. Date Buy/Sell Name Price (incl. costs) 5-11-2020 Buy  AMD…

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Today we bought AMD and RINGCENTRAL As we had predicted in the last order overview, with the next correction we will try to pick up some stock at lower prices and this happened today for 2 of them. AMD & RNG were bought. The last few days we saw a…

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Porto Update 19-11-2015

Finally an update. These are my stock as per this month. So far it has not been a very good year. Most “winners” were already running last year and I have had to sell the worst “losers”. It was a really busy tent rental season so I didn’t have much…

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