This weeks orders (June 14th 2020)

These are the confirmed orders for the stock that we bought or sold this week. Only 2 orders got executed this week. You can find the explaination below.

Order overviewFundPriceLimit
SELLBioNTech SE -ADR-$47,3601$47,00
BUYXebec Adsorption IncCAD 3,65CAD 3,65

Biontech was a wild guess. It was not in our wiseguys watchlist but we bought it because they claimed to have a cure for the coronavirus. However phase 2 and 3 testing for fda aproval took way to long and the stockprice dropped 25% thus hitting our stoploss level. So we had to sell it.

Xebec Inc. (you can find a link to the company here.) was brought to our attention by one of our readers. Bill-Bull wrote a piece about the treasure we found earlier this week. We took a very thorough look at the stock chart and it did qualify for a wiseguys position. Meaning they have rissen at least 50% per year over the last 5 years. Also it was at quite a nice technical level hitting the bottom of the trendline so we bought a small starting portion. Let’s hope this will develop into one of our favorites. We will keep you posted !!!

Over the Wiseguy

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