Trading in Datawatch (DWCH) Halted why?

Datwtatch DWCH – Trading in Datawatch is halted. They published Q1 results and we are not happy read them here! So far they are down 30% and halted untill further notice. I’m pretty happy that I have my 25% rule now. I have sold most of them not to long ago.

#D Systems DDD – I have heard stories of a new tech bubble burst but that is a little over reacted I think. Allthough a lot of stock has lost 10% or more over the past weeks it is not a real boom. It was expected. 3D had some news about a partnership with Canon read it here! so that helped a bit. Still they are down 1,2 % so far.

Here’s another sight for sore eyes. Todays results: Dagresultaat 11-04-2014

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