Update: June 30th 2020 – ROI – The-Wiseguy (first 6 months)

This is my Return On Investment for the first 6 months. The shares that are in here the longest range from 2014, long before we started this website but most stocks I bought in the last 2 years. For an up to date portfolio that is as old as this website see the-wiseguy ETF.

As you can see in the graph after the coronavirus broke out in March the stockmarkets have incredibly rallied upward. Not so much the general old economy. That is why you see the Dutch AEX index (the Dutch DJX) as a benchmark. But mostly tech and biotech (the fast growing stock companies). Off course the will get hit hardest when the “after corona crisis” will come and hit the real world. But until now I did not notice anything. I do expect to see a (major) correction somewhere in July. The ECB has predicted a decline in the overall economy of about 10% for this year so you will probably see it when the Q2 results will come in and surely sometimes this will affect the stockmarkets but all the stimulus money by the central banks must go somewhere. Interest rates are almost below zero so nobody puts his or her miney in the bank. Even my parents are talking about buying bitcoins to try to make some profit on the money they have. That does not mean anything but that they just do not knowwhat to do. For me that is a sign that something will break. We just do not know when. I have stoploss orders on almost all my stock of about 25% below the highest price of the last 3 months. But because I have an average of about 60% gains. I still end up with a profit of 35%. If they do not go higher from this point. My R.O.I. so far this year is 121,8%. As I just said my profit on the longterm stock is about 60% and the other 60% is profit from daytrading. But since I close all trading positions at the end of the day. These shares do not show in my portfolio. I can only see the cash balance go up 🙂 Down here you first see my total profit for this year (121%) and below that you will see my long term stock portfolio with a 56% profit. I’m sorry but my broker can not seperate the two in single graphs.

R.O.I. The-Wiseguy until 26-06-2020
Portfolio Holdings The-Wiseguy until 23-06-2020

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