Traffic Light for October 25th and ETF update

It is time for our weekly update. The Traffic light has changed to 88 this week. That means 88%% Stock and only 12% Cash. That is really positive! It looks like the markets are expecting a big push upward soon (But wat will happen when he looses?!?!?)

We had to update our ETF acordng to te new traffic light. That si why we have added Hypoport SA to our portfolio. It is one of our earliest Wiseguys. We believe that it is a really nice time to buy. Our TA gave us a super buy signal for this stock.

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Update October 12th:

Update October 18th: – The Traffic light has changed to 85% Stock and 15% Cash. And we decided to add Ocado Group from our *** List of wiseguys.

We have designed our traffic light to take out our human emotion in our stocktrading. Personally I think it was not the perfect time to buy but it came close and we had to buy some more stock because our traffic light had changed upward. You can find the full analysis here: “OCADO”

Please let me explain one more time πŸ™‚ When the traffic light goes up we have to have more stock (most of the time that means buy unless our total stockvalue goes up enough) and when it goes down we have to hold more cash (what usually means sell some stock unless our total stockvalue goes down enough). In this case our stockvalue went down a little bit but the traffic light went up. So we had to buy more stock.

Up, Up and UP. This week our β€œTraffic lightβ€œ turned GREEN again, finally. Even though we have election anxiety and corona virus worries. The stock markets do not seem to care or, as we think, they are looking forward to a quick recovery. Because most stock indices and exchanges are in the green and keep going up, up and up. There are some negative days but on average we have gained 3 points in our β€œTraffic lightβ€œ system this week. The β€œTraffic lightβ€œ is now at 83, meaning 83% Stock and 17% Cash to hold. Because of that we had to add about 2% more shares to our portfolio positions (See the My Holdings section on the ETF page for more details).

And now the best news: For the first time all our positions are profitable. We do not have any red numbers in our portfolio. Since we started this ETF in mid June the profit on our stock is 31,33%. On our total value it is about 20% because we had to protect some wealth when the markets went down (see the strategy – step 4)To be exact: β€œThe Return On Investment is 19,91%” in 4 months.

Let’s see what the rest of the year brings us.

Over the Wiseguy

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